3D Dynamic Light Scattering


Static (SLS) | Dynamic light scattering (DLS) | depolarized DLS | 3D cross-correlation scattering (3D-DLS) for optically turbid  samples.


Cobolt 05-01 diode pumped solid state laser
λ = 660 nm | P max. = 500 mW | linearly polarized and collimated

Light collection

  • Single-mode optical fibres  with integrated collimation optics and laser-line filters
  • Scattering angles: 10° to 135°
  • Q-range for aqueous suspensions: 2.2 106  to 2.3 10m-1
  • Two high-sensitivity APD detectors  (Perkin Elmer, Single Photon Counting Module)
  • Single processing via a two-channel multiple-tau correlator


Dr Sandor Balog | tel:  8964 | @ sandor.balog@unifr.ch

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