PREVIEW Original Article e-News Somatosens Rehab 2016 13(1)

Management Algorithm of Spontaneous Neuropathic Pain and/or Touch-evoked Neuropathic Pain illustrated by prospective observations in clinical practice of 66 chronic Neuropathic Pain Patients  preview_spicher_et_al_e-news_somatosens_rehab_2016_13_1_4-32 by

Claude J. Spicher (University scientific collaborator, OT, Swiss certified HT)

Patricia Fehlmann (MD)

Christian Maihöfner (MD, PhD)

Pierre Sprumont (MD, PhD)

Eva Létourneau (BSc OT, M. Read., Certified Somatosensory Therapist of Pain CSTP®)

Joseph-Omer Dyer (PhD, pht)

Julie Masse (BSc OT, MSc)

Marina López-Solà (PhD)

Eric Maupas (MD, PhD)

Jean-Marie Annoni (MD)