Nous sommes une équipe de recherche du Département de Psychologie de l’Université de Fribourg. Nous menons une recherche qui porte sur les opinions concernant d’autres groupes ethniques. Pour cela, nous vous demandons de bien vouloir répondre à ce questionnaire :



Guten Tag,

Wir sind ein Forschungsteam des Departements für Psychologie der Universität Freiburg. Als solches führen wir eine Forschungsarbeit durch, zu Ihren Meinungen über andere ethnische Gruppen. Deswegen möchten wir Sie bitten, den vorliegenden Fragebogen zu beantworten :




Siamo un gruppo di ricerca del Dipartimento di Psicologia dell’Università di Friburgo. Conduciamo una ricerca basata sulle opinioni riguardanti altri gruppi etnici. Motivo per cui La preghiamo di rispondere al presente questionario :

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  1. Yesterday (March 22) an Enumerator came to my door with a census form. After anenirswg the questions, I commented that I thought the door-to-door calls would be made only as follow-up when a mailed form wasn’t returned and that we hadn’t yet received a form in the mail. He told me that in our area, NO FORMS WERE BEING MAILED and that it was ALL door-to-door. We do not live in an area where there has been flooding, an earthquake, or anything disruptive just a normal rural/small town area in northern Wisconsin. And yes, he was very frustrated at the WASTE of taxpayer money and unfeasible nature of this task. At nearly $13/hr and 50 cents/mile, he told me that the number of forms that he can complete in a day is MINIMAL extremely inefficient and very expensive!PLEASE EXPLAIN THE REASONING BEHIND THIS! It makes absolutely no sense.And by the way, when he asked about whether anyone in my household was planning to reside elsewhere in the near future (such as college or a nursing home) .Canada is looking pretty good.

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