Monthly Archives: July 2017

Bringing alive tiny ocean creatures with science & 3D art

Together with artist Vincent Mock and 3D-printing specialist Frank Broos, one of our group projects is to bring microscopic oceanic life to the public. To do so, we have been selecting foraminifera and radiolaria to image with our powerful nano-scaled CT scanner. Some of these creatures are only 100 micrometers in size. After scanning, beautiful 3D visualizations emerged that are ready to be enlarged. Vincent Mock will take over from here and create large sculptures made out of polymers with the use of 3D printing and bronze.

People involved: Vincent Mock, Eline Feenstra, Frank Broos, Silvia Spezzaferri and Anneleen Foubert.

Click on this link here or the image below for an interactive 3D file of a radiolaria.