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Open PhD-position in Carbonate Sedimentology

Open position for a PhD in Carbonate Sedimentology at Fribourg:
The open PhD-position frames within the SNF-funded (Swiss National Science Foundation) project ‘Uncoventional Carbonate Factories in the Eastern Mediterranean: cold-water coral ecosystems and seeps’. The open PhD-position will focus on the impact of dynamic fluxes of methane on (1) authigenic carbonate precipitation and (2) the diagenesis of cold-water coral build-ups. This study will characterize the imprint of microbial-mediated diagenesis (precipitation of secondary mineral phases and the formation of authigenic carbonates) steered through methane seepage in the eastern Mediterranean. The skeletons of coral fragments and sediments subject to continuous methane-mixed fluids will be monitored for several weeks in a bio-reactor to understand aragonite dissolution and authigenic carbonate precipitation mechanisms. Monitoring will be done in 4D by using X-ray computer tomographic techniques. Besides experimental lab set-ups, sediment cores  from the Palmahim Disturbance Zone and Erathostenos Seamount will be characterized to
understand the spatial variation of diagenesis (mineralogy, sedimentary petrography, stable isotopes, trace elements and lipid biomarkers). The sulfate-methane transition zone in sediment cores will be traced to explain the role of methane fluxes through the sediments by advanced porewater analyses. Authigenic carbonate crusts will be characterized (mineralogy, sedimentary petrography, stable isotopes, trace elements and lipid biomarkers) and dated to understand the processes and timing of their formation.

The deadline for applications is June 15th 2018. The call is open till the position is filled. Applications include (1) a cover letter outlining experience and expertise relevant to the project + motivation to start a PhD-study (2) a complete CV including a list of publications, (3) at least one letter of recommendation. Applications should be sent to Prof. Dr. Anneleen Foubert.

More informatin: PhD_Position_Sedimentology_Fribourg