Bruno Lauper


The Opalinus Clay is a Jurassic mudstone formation particularly known in Switzerland as being the selected host rock for deep geological disposal of radioactive waste. In the northern Swiss Jura, the Opalinus Clay is overlain by the Passwang Formation, an alloformation characterized by parasequences of sandy bioclastic marls and ooidal ironstones.

My PhD project, which is co-funded by Nagra and Swisstopo, aims at characterizing the vertical and lateral heterogeneity of the Opalinus Clay (OPA) and the basal unit of the Passwang Formation (PF). Petrographic and petrophysical methods are combined to digital image analysis to develop a subfacies classification scheme within the OPA, while geochemical investigations are used to disentangle depositonal and diagnetic processes at the OPA/PF transition.

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