Prof. Anneleen Foubert

Head of research group

Geo-biosphere interactions are one of the most fascinating processes active within the system ‘Earth’.  Especially the carbonate sedimentary record witnesses the complex interplay between the Geosphere and the Biosphere. Studying frontier carbonate systems is therefore my main research axis with a major emphasis on the comprehension of the evolution of carbonate mound systems through space and time.

The thorough understanding of microbial-induced early diagenesis and the impact of diagenesis on the dynamic petrophysical behavior (porosity and permeability) in carbonate systems (through space and time) is hereby an additional crucial aspect.

Through the active organization of fieldwork on land (e.g. Italy, Spain, Turkey, Morocco, US, Spitzbergen,…) or at sea (from the Norwegian margins to the North-African margins) and through international drilling campaigns (IODP – ICDP), one could decipher step by step the secrets of the carbonate world.

Phone: +41 26 300 89 78 | E-mail: anneleen.foubert(at) | Office: 2.305