A wide range of non-destructive studies can be performed with the Nano-CT scanner which is available at the Department of Geosciences (University of Fribourg). Some of the applications are listed below.

3D internal structure of geomaterials
  • Microstructure analysis
  • Texture
  • Component size distribution
  • 3D characterization and visualization

Carbonate precipitation within algae (Gotteron tufa, Fribourg, Switzerland)

Pore characterization
  • Porosity, pore shape, connectivity and pore-size distribution

Particle analyses
  • Morphological characterization of particles (from cm- to µm-scale)
  • Quantification and characterization of volume, surface area, surface texture,
    sphericity, anisotropy, elongation, flatness, barycenter
  • Grain-size distribution

Fine volcanic ash

  • Macro- and micro-fossil characterization and visualization
  • 3D morphometrics
  • 3D visualization of inner ears
  • Cranial vascularization and innervation
Other disciplines

X-ray tomographic analyses can be performed on a wide variety of materials covering different disciplines in material sciences, geosciences, biological and medical sciences. Please, feel free to contact us and communicate your specific research question.