Electronic Ressources Fribourg: the Most Important Link

In order to make full use of the electronic ressources in philosophy paid for by the University of Fribourg, there is one place you absolutely have to know. Unfortunately I cannot place the link here, for the page uses some script that makes this impossible.

So, go there: BCU Fribourg – Ressources


then enter “philosophie” in discipline (FR) or in Fachgebiet (DE). Now appears a list of electronic full text collections, complete works by authors, reference works etc. in philosophy.

Even though there is a Beta-Version of “Explore”, the new integrated search tool of RERO, it does not find many electronic ressources yet. Therefore, the link given above is still the best way to get an overview of what’s available in Fribourg.

About Gian-Andri

Subject librarian for philosophy at the University of Fribourg. PhD philosophy, Fribourg 2007; CAS scientific librarianship, University of Zurich 2013.
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