Open Access for Philosophers

There is a very succinct new page on why, how and where you, as a philosopher, can publish your texts in open access. It is mainly about self-archiving and why you should do it on a repository rather than on your homepage or on or even philpapers.

One thing I didn’t know is that except for Mind all other journals in philosophy allow for your archiving in open access at most 12 months after publication. In Mind it’s after 24 months. And all journals in philosophy allow you to place a preprint on our institutional server (rerodoc) where your ideas are protected against plagiarism, since your preprint placement provides proof of date.

Here ist the page:

(Thanks to Thomas Henkel for indicating the page to me.)

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  1. Gian-Andri says:

    The page indicated in the post is on publishing OA by the green road (first publication in a non-OA journal, archived in OA after a curfew). (There is something on gold OA for books, though.)
    Of course, anyone wanting to really further the OA-movement should consider publishing in gold OA journals: On the page, I indicate 4 of them (one of them is NDPR which are reviews by invitation): Philosopher’s Imprint, Disputatio and Methodos. Savoirs et textes.
    Comments on this selection are welcome.

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