E-books in philosophy in Fribourg: overview and access

The offer of e-books gets more and more substantial. It is still less than a 1000 e-books (compared to a roughly estimated 40’ooo books at the BCU and BHAP). But as their number grows it is important to make them visible for potential readers. Not all of them are in the catalogue Rero, so they can only be found by doing a special research (but see possibility of using explore below).

There are already a good number of paid e-books available in philosophy for students and staff. There are many different kinds of e-books, different suppliers/publishers and different ways to access them. This is a short overview of the possibilities.

I will start with a list in which I group the different packages of e-books according to the general kinds of e-book. The general kinds are “research monographs”, “complete works”, “companions and handbooks” and “encyclopedias”.

  1. Research monographs: Oxford Scholarship Online (ca. 400 e-books), Isidore (mainly free e-books, theses etc. from France)
  2. Complete Works: Albertus Magnus Institute, Intelex Past Masters, Aristoteles Latinus Database
  3. Companions and handbooks: Blackwell Reference Online, Cambridge Companions Online, Oxford Handbooks Online
  4. Encyclopedias: International Encyclopedia of Ethics, Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Oxford Reference Online

I have based this list on the information from BCU, Fribourg homepage > Ressources > Bases de données > domaine: sciences humaines; discipline: philosophie ; type: E-books

You get to the following list:

Screenshot from BCU-Ressources

This provides also the first way to access the e-books.

Another access is: BCU, Fribourg homepage > Ressources > Menu complet > E-books. There you can make a search by publisher.


Another way to access the e-books is via explore:

My tests for Oxford University Press for this access were all successful. The advantage of explore is that you also find the hardcopies in the library-catalogue.

Lastly, it is of course always possible to go on the site of the ressource directly, e.g. oxford scholarship online. When you are on the university network, the books the university paid for are freely accessible.

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Subject librarian for philosophy at the University of Fribourg. PhD philosophy, Fribourg 2007; CAS scientific librarianship, University of Zurich 2013.
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