zotero: search from zotero in library

If you use zotero as your bibliography-tool, you might have wanted to quickly look up whether the document is available in your library, on amazon etc.

Unfortunately the procedure to add these “look-up engines” is a bit complicated. I have therefore created a file that you place in your zotero installation which gives you a few options: Rero, Crossref, Nebis, Amazon, google-scholar.


Place this file at the following location of your zotero-installation (replace “yourusername” with your username on the operating system):


or for MacOS


Then rename the file to engines.json (delete beforehand the preinstalled file with this name)
Then re-start zotero. In the “locate” menu (an arrow-sign) to the right upper corner of zotero you now have a scroll down menu of the different options: CrossRef, Rero Lookup, Google-Scholar, Amazon and Nebis Lookup.

The NEBIS-search allows also for a quick search in Swissbib.

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