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  • Meiner e-library

    Seit Kurzem findet man auf explore fribourg einige Bände der Philosophischen Bibliothek von Meiner. Es handelt sich um Klassiker, die alle auch in Papierversion in den Unibibliotheken zur Verfügung stehen. Man hat aus dem Uninetzwerk oder mit VPN Zugriff auf die Volltexte. Um pdfs runterzuladen (max.50 Seiten pro Buch) muss man ein Benutzerkonto in der […]

  • Coverage Oxford Scholarship Online – Philosophy

    Our coverage of e-books on Oxford Scholarship Online-Philosophy now extends to 2015 including publications from January 2016. Access it here (VPN or On-Campus)

  • Explore, E-books

    Quelques compléments au cours d’intro à la recherche documentaire concernant Explore Fribourg: Dans le cours je recommande Rero Explore Fribourg pour la recherche d’articles de revues électroniques et pour les e-books. Je précise toutefois qu’un résultat négatif sur Explore ne signifie pas automatiquement que le titre n’est pas disponible à Fribourg. En effet, pour les […]

  • OSO now 1196 e-books accessible in Fribourg

    Our coverage of Oxford Scholarship Online: Philosophy has been extended and we now have every online-publication in Philosophy from Oxford University Press from February 2003 to January 2014. The total of available e-books amounts to 1196. Go here -if you are on the network of the University.

  • Oxford Scholarship Online

    Scholarly literature in philosophy from Oxford University Press. At the University of Fribourg you have currently access to 517 e-books out of a total of 1’533 in philosophy published by Oxford University Press. This access is the result of our buying packages over the past few years. These packages cover everything categorized as philosophy by […]

  • 110 Free Philosophy eBooks

    On the following site you will find 110 (for now) e-books in philosophy. They are (due to copyright issues, of course) mostly more than 50 years old and put together from varying sources. Some are pdf’s from scans of the book itself, others are in html or e-pub and there are even versions for kindles […]

  • E-books in philosophy in Fribourg: overview and access

    The offer of e-books gets more and more substantial. It is still less than a 1000 e-books (compared to a roughly estimated 40’ooo books at the BCU and BHAP). But as their number grows it is important to make them visible for potential readers. Not all of them are in the catalogue Rero, so they […]

  • oxford scholarship online now including 2009

    A new package has been added to the oxford scholarship online collection! Now all e-books  from 2009 are included. We now have: Jan 2008 to Jan 2010 and Jan 2011 to Jan 2013. I hope that we can fill the lacuna, Feb 2010 to Dec 2010 next year. For 2014 we will buy individual e-books […]

  • Oxford Scholarship Online now including 2008

    At the university of Fribourg (or via VPN, of course) you can now access 334 online versions of philosophy-books published by Oxford University Press. Around 60 volumes from 2008 to January 2009 have been bought by the Library. Authors of 2008 include C. Peacocke, E.J. Lowe, G. Strawson, B. Dainton. More information on Oxford Scholarship […]

  • Oxford Scholarship Online now with 267 e-books

    In Fribourg we have now full access to one more year of Oxford Scholarship Online – Philosophy, namely the online publications from February 2011 to January 2012. Thus our access extends now over two full years from 2011 to January 2013 and 267 research monographs.  Note that some of these were published in paper a […]