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  • zotero: search from zotero in library

    If you use zotero as your bibliography-tool, you might have wanted to quickly look up whether the document is available in your library, on amazon etc. Unfortunately the procedure to add these “look-up engines” is a bit complicated. I have therefore created a file that you place in your zotero installation which gives you a […]

  • Guide to writing a bibliography

    Following the link below you will find a rather extensive guide to writing a bibliography. Especially for “non-standard” documents like discussion-forums and course material, I find it useful. For most students and teachers the important thing is to have a consistent format and it is less important to follow one particular standard. Still, it is […]

  • Unpaywall – a tool to find open access versions of articles

    From April 4th 2017 there is a free tool available as a firefox or google chrome browser add-on which automatically searches for legal open access versions of research articles behind a paywall. Here is a link (you can install the pre-release versions right now): This is fully legal and differs in that respect from […]

  • Bases de données / Datenbanken

    Folgende Liste enthält alle Datenbanken in Philosophie, welche die Bibliotheken der Uni zur Verfügung stellen. Es gibt vier Arten von Datenbanken: Volltextsammlungen (e-book), bibliographische Datenbanken (Biblio-DB) z.B. für die thematische Suche nach Artikeln, elektronische Zeitschriftensammlungen und -zugänge (e-journal) sowie andere Datenbanken (Fact-DB). La liste suivante contient toutes les bases de données utiles pour la philosophie […]

  • Digital Philosophy is coming – InPhO

    “Digital Philosophy” is a term created on the template of “Digital Humanities” (wikipedia-entry). VERY briefly: humanities with computers. For instance computer-aided textual analysis and everything else where computational methods can be applied in the humanities. In this post, I want to very briefly present one particular project of digital humanities, more particularly digital philosophy! The […]

  • new books in philosophy, blog & podcast For short summaries and interviews (audio) of new books in philosophy in English. The choice of books is scholarly. You can subscribe to the podcast (for free). For longer free reviews of recent scholarly books in philosophy see the very voluminous NDPR, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (several reviews published per week). These reviews engage […]

  • Nach freiem online-Inhalt suchen (de)

    Ich habe ein paar kurze Tests gemacht, um festzustellen, über welche Suchmaschine man  am besten Open Access Inhalt in Philosophie sucht. Ich habe folgende vier Plattformen getestet: OAIster Philpapers google scholar BASE Mein (sehr limitierter) Test bestand darin, die Stichworte “Guyer, Paul” und “Kant” einzugeben. Ich habe jeweils eine einfache Suche gemacht und eine fortgeschrittene […]

  • Explore (fr)

    Depuis fin 2012 RERO permet de faire des recherches sur une autre interface au nom de Explore. Il s’agit pour l’instant d’une version beta, i.e. pas encore finalisée. Pourtant pour certains cas, il vaut mieux commencer par une recherche dans Explore. Les avantages de cette interface par rapport au catalogue RERO: Navigation mieux adaptée aux […]

  • Ressource électroniques à Fribourg: le lien le plus important

    Pour profiter au maximum des ressources électroniques à Fribourg, il y a un endroit qu’il faut absolument connaître. Malheureusement la page ne permet pas de faire un lien directe: Il faut aller sur: BCU Fribourg – Ressources ensuite entrer “philosophie” dans la discipline. Une liste de ressource électroniques, collections de textes, oeuvres complètes d’auteurs, […]

  • Electronic Ressources Fribourg: the Most Important Link

    In order to make full use of the electronic ressources in philosophy paid for by the University of Fribourg, there is one place you absolutely have to know. Unfortunately I cannot place the link here, for the page uses some script that makes this impossible. So, go there: BCU Fribourg – Ressources then enter […]