Motion Capture Room

Large tracking space (8×6 m) equipped with a motion capture system (NaturalPoint Optitrack) including 24 infrared cameras (PrimeX 22) for real-time full-body tracking

Motive 3.0 – Optical motion capture software

Motion Capture Portable Set

V120:Trio – 6DoF object tracking

Projection System

Rear projection system composed of a large screen (4.5×2.8 m) and an HD professional projector allowing for active 3D stereo (projectiondesign F35 series)

Visual Psychophysics

Psychophysics set-up including a visual display optimized for dynamic visual stimuli (VIEWPixx 3D Lite), a response box and an eye tracking system (SR Research EyeLink 1000)

VR Driving Simulator

Dynamic driving simulator with a head-mounted display (HMD)

Virtual and Augmented Reality HMDs

Hololens 2
Pimax VR 8k
Varjo XR-3