Dr. Susanne Schmetkamp, Research Group Leader

Since autumn semester 2019, Susanne Schmetkamp has been leading the research project “Aesthetics and Ethics of Attention” as Research Group Leader. The project is part of an SNF PRIMA Grant. In this five-year project, Schmetkamp and her team examine forms of aesthetic and ethical attention and their context, including different cultures, practices and policies of attention and inattention. Schmetkamp was previously a Research Fellow at the Kulturwissenschaftliches Kolleg Konstanz and at the IKKM Weimar, Senior Research Assistant and Lecturer at the University of Basel, Lecturer at the University of St. Gallen and Visiting Professor in Philosophy at the University of Siegen. She received her PhD in 2008 from the University of Bonn with a thesis on respect and recognition. Her research focuses on attention, empathy, aesthetic experience, film philosophy, feelings, love, respect and tolerance. She also works as an author and moderator and lives with her family in Zurich. Her most recent publication is: Theorien der Empathie – Zur Einführung (Junius 2019).

For more, visit her website here.

Dr. Isabel Kaeslin, Postdoc

Since April 2020 Isabel Kaeslin has been a Postdoc in the Aesthetics and Ethics of Attention SNSF-PRIMA research project, led by Susanne Schmetkamp.

From June 2019 to March 2020, she was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.

She received her PhD in February 2019 from Columbia University, with a dissertation on the active role of feeling capacities in decision-making.Isabel mainly works in ethics and metaphilosophy.

She also has a background in philosophy of mind, Ancient (Aristotle), and political philosophy.

For more, visit her website here.

Mikael Dürrmeier, Supporting Research Assistant

Since December 2019, Mikael Dürrmeier joined the research project “Aesthetics and Ethics of Attention” as a Supporting Research Assistant. At the moment, he is completing his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Musicology at the University of Fribourg.