The Normative Mind

Welcome on the website of the Normative Mind Research Group based at the Universities of Fribourg (Switzerland) and Göttingen (Germany).

The members of the group work together on issues in aesthetics, literary theory, philosophy of mind, epistemology and the philosophy of normativity.

Our research is currently centred around four different research projects, which are generously funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the German Research Foundation.

Current members of the group are:

  • Miloud Belkoniene (PhD Student), since 2014
  • Davor Bodrozic (Postdoc), since 2013
  • Fabian Dorsch (Professor), since 2013
  • Patrik Engisch (Postdoc), from 2017
  • Magnus Frei (PhD Student), since 2013
  • Tom Kind (Professor), from 2017
  • Tilmann Köppe (Professor), from 2017
  • Julia Langkau (Postdoc), from 2017
  • Roberta Locatelli (Postdoc), from 2017