Research in our group is directed towards the understanding of the geodynamics of  mountain belts and foreland basins. We study, tectonics, neo-tectonics and morpho-tectonics and links with surface processes.  Former projects also included plate-tectonics and evolution of passive margins.

Research is carried out with strong international collaboration and our most recent projects are about tectonics of the Molasse Basin, the Jura fold-and-thrust belt, and the Greater Caucasus. We also investigate the Stress State, Fault Criticallity and Fluids especially in the Alpine foreland in outstanding outcrops.

Recent News

CHGEOL Prize to Marius Gruber – Congratulations!

At the recent annual meeting, the Swiss Geoscience Society (SGM) Marius Gruber, a doctoral student in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Fribourg, received the CH-Geol prize. This prize is awarded annually by the Swiss Society of Professional Geologists to the best doctoral work in Switzerland linking fundamental and applied research. Marius Gruber…

Central Iberian basement-a multiphase evolution

Congratulations to team member Jürgen von Raumer for his latest paper on the Central Iberian basement-A multiphase evolution.  The Cambro‐Ordovician rhyodacitic to dacitic volcanics from the Central Iberian basement, currently known as Ollo‐de‐Sapo (toads eye), have been reported as a specific group of felsic porphyritic rocks with blue quartz and large phenocrysts of K‐feldspar, in a…

Tien Shan – Pamir Tectonics

This summer 2018 we started a new project investigations the tectonic structure and the kinematics of the transition from the Frontal Pamir in Kyrgyzstan to the Southern Tien Shan Mountains. The  construction of a tectonically comprehensible and admissible cross section will be linked with the neotectonic and recent evolution and comprises compilation of existing work as…