Research in our group is directed towards the understanding of the geodynamics of  mountain belts and foreland basins. We study, tectonics, neo-tectonics and morpho-tectonics and links with surface processes.  Former projects also included plate-tectonics and evolution of passive margins.

Research is carried out with strong international collaboration and our most recent projects are about tectonics of the Molasse Basin, the Jura fold-and-thrust belt, and the Greater Caucasus. We also investigate the Stress State, Fault Criticallity and Fluids especially in the Alpine foreland in outstanding outcrops.

Recent News

Central Iberian basement-a multiphase evolution

Congratulations to team member Jürgen von Raumer for his latest paper on the Central Iberian basement-A multiphase evolution.  The Cambro‐Ordovician rhyodacitic to dacitic volcanics from the Central Iberian basement, currently known as Ollo‐de‐Sapo (toads eye), have been reported as a specific group of felsic porphyritic rocks with blue quartz and large phenocrysts of K‐feldspar, in a…

Tien Shan – Pamir Tectonics

This summer 2018 we started a new project investigations the tectonic structure and the kinematics of the transition from the Frontal Pamir in Kyrgyzstan to the Southern Tien Shan Mountains. The  construction of a tectonically comprehensible and admissible cross section will be linked with the neotectonic and recent evolution and comprises compilation of existing work as…

EGU – Vienna – April 2018 – Geodynamics of the Greater Caucasus Special Session

The Greater Caucasus is an outstanding natural geodynamic laboratory located between  the Black Sea to the W and the Caspian Sea to the E. This intracontinental mountain belt is the result of the inversion of an intensely extended intra-continental rift basin, due to the collision of the Arabian and Eurasian (Scythian) plates. Though explored for…