Greater Caucasus – Ongoing Developments

Our research in the Greater Caucasus involves different developments including field expeditions, visits, implementation of maps, publications, meetings etc. Hereafter we present the latest “updates” in our research.


Results of our project are presented during an EGU General Assembly session: Convergent Tectonic Settings (TS7) – Geodynamic evolution of the Greater Caucasus Orogen (TS7.8) in Vienna in April 2018. 12 oral presentationa and 20 posters will be presented and discussed during this Special Session.

Many members from our different teams in Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Switzerland present their results at this EGU meeting

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Oral Presentation in session TS7.3

Alpine tectonics of the Greater Caucasus – Jon Mosar et al. 

Oral Presentation in session TS7.8

Geodynamics and active faults of the pseudosubduction zone in Greater Caucasus on the basis of seismological data (within Azerbaijan) – Talat Kangarli, Fuad Aliyev, Ali Aliyev, and Tofig Rashidov

Poster Presentations in session TS7.8

The Greater Caucasus: a new tectonic map! – Jon Mosar, Jérémiah Mauvilly, Nikolay Enna, Irakli Gamkrelidze, Talat Kangarli, Kakhaber Koiava, Tofig Rashidov, and Vladimir Lavrishev

Main features of geological structure and a new tectonic map of Georgia –Irakli Gamkrelidze, Kakhaber Koiava, Jon Mosar, Lika Kvaliashvili, and Jérémiah Mauvilly

Tectonics of the Greater Caucasus: from rifting to collision – Jon Mosar, Jérémiah Mauvilly, Nikolay Enna, Irakli Gamkrelidze, Talat Kangarli, Fuad Aliyev, Vladimir Gerasimov, Kakhaber Koiava, Vera Kalbergenova, Lika Kvaliashvili, Tofig Rashidov, and Vladimir Lavrishev

Tectonics in the Greater Caucasus (Georgia – Russia): From an intracontinental rifted basin to a doubly verging fold-and-thrust belt – Jérémiah Mauvilly, Jon Mosar, Kakhaber Koiava, Irakli Gamkrelidze, Nikolay Enna, Vladimir Lavrishev, and Vera Kalberguenova

Tectonics along a transect in the Northern Greater Caucasus in Russia: a structural cross-section – Vera Kalberguenova, Jon Mosar, Jérémiah Mauvilly, Nikolay Enna, and Vladimir Lavrishev

Zircons isotope dating of the migmatites from the Greater Caucasus crystalline basement – Vladimir Gerasimov

Geodynamic evolution of the Greater Caucasus during Alpine tectonomagmatic cycle (within Azerbaijan borders) – Talat Kangarli, Fuad Aliyev, Ilkin Kangarli, and Tofig Rashidov

Structure of eastern segment of Adjara-Trialeti fold-thrust belt: insights from structural data and balanced cross sections (Northern Lesser Caucasus) – Giorgi Boichenko, Tea Godoladze, Irakli Gamkrelidze, and Eric Cowgill


During a recent visit to Essentuki at the «Kavkazgeolsyomka» in June 2017  members of the team (Jeremiah and Vera) had the opportunity to experience some ot the northern Greater Caucasus Geology during some fieldtrip together with Vladimir Lavrishov and Nicolay Enna. The visit was in the frame of the SNF-SCOPES project (IZ73Z0_152392) – Greater Caucasus Tectonic and Paleotectonic Evolution.

View towards the SE with the gently N-dipping strata and the  the questa morphology and Mt Elbrus to the right (S)

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Vera and Jeramiah posing on their way “to the mountain core” with Elbrus in the background.