Subjects for Bachelor&Master

  1. Analysis of the fold and thrust related kinematics in the Jura Mountains:
  2. Stress modelling and kinematics: the Pontarlier fault Zone.

The Pontarlier fault zone is one of the major tectonic accidents in Switzerland. The project proposes to use know fault information such as position. Orientation and sense of movement to determine the regional stress field and determine the interaction of the different fault string. The approach used is mainly computer based.

  1. Forward modelling (Move) of folded and thrusted structures with multiple detachments: examples from the Molasse Basin and the Jura Mountains.

Forward modelling of tectonic structures makes it possible to better understand the kinematic development and timing of fold and thrust related features.

  1. Fault Gouge and brecciation process in a known strike-slip fault: The La Sarraz Mormont fault system

Fault gouges and striation on faults are a common structural pattern. Using a field based approach the project aims at understanding the processes involved and importance of the strain partitioning.

  1. Paléogéographie le long de la faille de Pontarlier : un accident paléotectonique majeur et conséquence sur la déformation du Jura

La faille de Pontarlier constitue un élément structural majeur dans le Jura. Son rôle trouve probablement ses origines dans une structuration hérité dans l’ancien bassin de sédimentation. Le projet ambitionne de mettre en évidence de différences lithostratigraphiques de part et d’autre de cet accident.