Research in our group is directed towards the understanding of the geodynamics of  mountain belts and foreland basins. We study, tectonics, neo-tectonics and morpho-tectonics and links with surface processes.  Former projects also included plate-tectonics and evolution of passive margins.

Research is carried out with strong international collaboration and our most recent projects are about tectonics of the Molasse Basin, the Jura fold-and-thrust belt, and the Greater Caucasus. We also investigate the Stress State, Fault Criticallity and Fluids especially in the Alpine foreland in outstanding outcrops.

Recent News

Histoire de la connaissance géologique du Jura franco-suisse

Just at the end of 2021 we were pleased to see the publication of a large works on the development of the geological understanding of the Jura Mountains. This work has involved numerous authors of several universities and also members of our team (Anna Sommaruga and Jon Mosar) Link to the UNIFR reference page of…

More insight into the Jura Mountain thrust development

The Master work of Valentin Rime has been published together with coauthors Anna Sommaruga,  Marc Schori, and Jon Mosar in the Swiss Journal of Geosciences. The detailed field investigation in the Neuchâtel Jura was combined with kinematic forward modelling to propose a new, innovative solution to the development of the High Range of the Jura. The proposed model implies…