Basement Geology

The Basement Geology research group is part of the Mineralogy and Petrography unit of the University of Fribourg. Our research on basement geology focuses on the structural and geodynamic evolution of the Mont Blanc Massif and the Silvretta nappe of eastern Switzerland. We combine extensive fieldwork and mapping with detailed and sophisticated laboratory analyses.


Lower Palaeozoic sediments (ca. 500 My)  of the Gondwana continent,  metamorphosed and folded  during its collision with Laurussia  (Variscan Orogenesis: ca 350 My).   Aiguilles Rouges, Lac d’Emosson.



Piz Buin Pitschen (left) and Piz Buin Grand  (3312 m, right) in the Silvretta. The Pitschen  is composed of strongly deformed paragneisses  and amphibolites, the Piz Buin Grand is mainly  composed of orthogneisses.