Animations & Movies

  • Analogue model of the Alpine foreland 


 Bonnet C., Malavieille J. &  Mosar J. (2007). Interactions between tectonics, erosion and sedimentation during the recent evolution of the Alpine orogen – Analogue modelling insights. Tectonics, 26, TC6016, doi:10.1029/2006TC002048.


  • Folding in the Jura High Range (Chasseral-Switzerland)


Schori M., Mosar J. & Schreurs G. (2015). Upper detachments during thin-skinned deformation of the Swiss central Jura: a kinematic model across the Chasseral. Swiss Journal of Geosciences. 108(2), pp. 327-343 doi 10.1007/s00015-015-0196-x.

  • 3D model in the Prealpes Medianes Klippen (Switzerland)


Matzenauer E. (2012). Tectonics in the Préalpes Klippen and the Subalpine Molasse (Canton Fribourg, Switzerland).Geofocus 31207pp.

  • Earthquakes in Canton Fribourg


  • Shale gas issue in western Switzerland