Anna Sommaruga

Lecturer - Senior Researcher

My current research project concerns the geology and the structures within the foreland Molasse Basin and the Jura fold and thrust belt. The approach I use is to correlate geological surface data with subsurface data (well logs, seismic profiles, velocity models). In collaboration with PhD and Master Students, we address fundamental geological issues such as the 3D geometry of the structures, the location of strike slip faults and thrusts, the Mesozoic detachment horizons including the role of the Triassic evaporites, the uplift and erosion of Base Tertiary, the location and extent of Permo-Carboniferous basins, as well as topography of the top to basement surface.

This research also provide regional information that help with geothermal future project, new exploration for hydrocarbon, storage of nuclear waste, better understanding of large scale groundwater flux and heat-flow distribution, safety of our main urban and industrial sites, dam lakes and power plants.

Phone: +41 26 300 89 39  | e-mail: anna.sommaruga(at) | Office: 4.312