Omar Radaideh


My scientific research interest is in geomorphological processes, landscape dynamics and regional deformation within active continental transform systems and collision zones. My last PhD research focused on the analysis of paleostress and remote sensing images along the eastern margin of the Dead Sea Transform in Jordan. My recent research focuses on determining the regional kinematics of active deformation within the Swiss and French Jura fold-thrust belt and the tectonic evolution of the area. My research combines multiple data sources to understand the evolution of fault systems and their interactions and influences on landform development. The methods I use include field-based structural measurements and analysis, geomorphological mapping, GIS analysis and modelling, geophysical tools (magnetic, gravity and electric resistivity) among others. My current work attempts to answer questions such as: How do landscape features respond to tectonic and geodynamic forcing, and are there distinct geomorphologic signatures associated with these forces?

Phone: +41 26 300 89 85 | e-mail: omar.radaideh(at) | Office: 0.303