CHGEOL Prize to Marius Gruber – Congratulations!

At the recent annual meeting, the Swiss Geoscience Society (SGM) Marius Gruber, a doctoral student in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Fribourg, received the CH-Geol prize. This prize is awarded annually by the Swiss Society of Professional Geologists to the best doctoral work in Switzerland linking fundamental and applied research. Marius Gruber received this award for his work on the subsoil geology of the Canton of Fribourg entitled: Structural Investigations of the Western Swiss Molasse Basin – From 2D Seismic interpretation to a 3D Geological Model. This work will have and has already had a direct influence on future underground resource exploration projects. It is therefore not only a major milestone in subsoil management, but also proposes a new and innovative vision for regional geological development.


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